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                The American Heart Association and other groups have said for many years that people could reduce the chance of suffering a heart attack by eating less of the foods rich in cholesterol (膽固醇). These include such foods as meats, milk products and eggs. The Heart Association noted a number of studies which show that nations where people eat a lot of high cholesterol foods have a higher number of deaths from heart disease.
                However, the new report disagrees. It was made by the Food and Nutrition Board of the United States National Academy of Sciences. The new report by a team of 15 scientists said there is no evidence to link cholesterol in food directly to heart disease. It noted seven major studies involving people whose diet was changed to include only foods low in cholesterol. The studies found only a very small reduction in the number of heart attacks and there was no reduction in the number of heart attack deaths.
                Other studies have shown similar results. They found that a change to low cholesterol foods will have only a minor effect on the amount of cholesterol in a person's blood and only a minor effect on the number of deaths.
                Medical scientists hope that two huge new studies may settle the cholesterol dispute. The tests are designed to learn if low cholesterol foods or anti-cholesterol drugs, or both, can reduce the amount of the substance in the blood and reduce the chance of a heart attack. The two new studies will be finished in the next year or two.
                The new Academy of Sciences report also discussed other possible links between food and disease. The scientists, in general, they are deeply concerned about some of the recent advice given about food. They noted that a number of private groups, government agencies and several popular books have advised that people can prevent heart disease, cancer and other sicknesses by changing the kinds of foods they eat. The new report said there is often no good scientific evidence to support such advice. In fact, the scientists said such ideas often produce only false hopes or unnecessary fears.
                According to the passage, people could reduce the chance of suffering heart attack by ____?
                A. eating less foods with a lot of cholesterol
                B. eating less of low cholesterol foods
                C. eating a lot of high cholesterol foods
                D. eating drugs

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